Toxic Taxi Driver

Conscientious cab driver Cami Currus lived in a quiet suburb outside Detroit where she worked long hours proudly delivering citizens to their desired destinations. She took delicate care of her precious taxi and loved her work, but was prone to occasional bouts of foul-mouthed road rage brought on by inconsiderate drivers and birds with excellent excremental aim.

One evening, Cami was asked to pick up a passenger at Lutum Industries, a company notorious for its misuse of toxic chemicals in everyday products like candy wrappers, stuffed toys and lacey undergarments. Just as she arrived at her destination, the building exploded, sending her taxi careening off the road. The car was doused in toxic sludge which immediately transformed Cami and her cherished taxi!

As they hurtled down the road, Cami could sense the flow of traffic and see intersections for miles ahead, allowing her to plan her route for maximum efficiency. The city’s road map lay in her mind as clear as any competent smart phone. She could now communicate telepathically with her car, allowing for ultra-responsive hands-free driving. The taxi’s newly toxic tires maintained an incredible grip on any surface, allowing it to scale walls or drive upside down in tunnels. It could convert cash into explosive blasts of loose change, to be hurled at evildoers when Cami found herself in newly intensified fits of toxic road rage.

Cami committed herself to learning the truth about why she had been summoned to the evil company’s premises and what caused the toxic explosion. But more importantly, she set out to keep the streets safe for civilians by using her newfound powers as a safe driving avenger, The Toxic Taxi Driver.