The Imaginaire

Clive Farber suffered from a crippling lack of self-confidence and an inability to verbally communicate; his life was one spent most lonesome, save for his Spanish goldfish Hermano, who rarely criticized Clive’s conversational skills. By day Clive worked as a cashier at the local All Mart Super Store, interacting awkwardly with co-workers and customers alike as he scanned food, clothing, and various other goods. In the evenings, he recorded his daily interactions in journals, creating alternate versions of his conversations and developing story ideas into fully rendered short stories or novels that wound up gathering dust in the corner of his apartment.

A collector of rare pens and pencils, Clive embarked on a complex online bidding war for what the seller described as Mankind’s Oldest Ink. After sending the seller a passionately written and embarrassingly verbose letter pleading for the ink, the seller responded: “For many decades I have attempted to put this ink in the proper hands. And for just as many decades have I failed. Until today. You are the prophesied one – He Who Makes Much. The ink does not belong to you. You belong to the ink.”

One day later, the ink arrived outside his apartment in a weathered wooden crate. Excited to use such exotic ink, Clive dipped a fountain pen into the ancient clay pot and began to sketch an apple. As he drew, the ink flowed out of the pot and onto his hands, dissolving into his flesh in mere moments. To his astonishment, a real apple appeared on the table next to his hand. He wrote a brief scene about a pizza delivery boy arriving with an errant delivery of free pizzas and was amazed when a real delivery boy knocked on his door, offering three large pepperoni and banana pepper pizzas at no cost.

Clive didn’t think to use his powers to help others until an alien being called the Writer’s Block dampened his creativity with a barrage of negative energy and self-doubt, leaving him useless to save his co-worker and childhood crush from becoming paralyzed in a freak pallet jack accident. Vowing to share his creative energy with the world at large, Clive set out to halt the effects of the Writer’s Block by encouraging others to use their own innate creative abilities. As a result, many songs, statues, and portraits were created to honor that Champion of Imagination: the Imaginaire!