Mr. Help Man

Retired professor and world-renowned curmudgeon, George Mann had developed an academic and personal philosophy centered around refusing to help his fellow humans under any circumstances. He believed that doing helpful things for one another was the wrong way to form relationships. Due to this life approach, George spent much of his spare time alone, watching crime procedurals in the comfort of his Florida condo. As a part time job, he antagonized tourists as the information booth attendant at the local mall, where he also tormented the young employees of an adjacent juice stand.

One day George was up to his usual antics at the info booth when a mysterious stranger approached with a powerful smile. In spite of George’s best efforts, this person – who was in fact none other than The Intervention, a powerful Mega known for soothing the foulest of souls – refused to be deterred by his barrage of negative mischief . While George attempted to vex the Intervention, the young juice slinging crew turned the tables by dousing George with their new ZIPOW Chugolater.

The ZIPOW Chugolater filled George’s booth and nearly drowned him in a churning pool of synthetically derived smoothie fluids! When the Intervention pulled George to safety, The experimental juice was infused with positive Mega energy. As he recovered from the incident, he discovered his entire worldview had been reversed and that he had been endowed with amazing new powers!

George found that he now possessed the physical strength of 10 young men (being uncertain of the strength measurement conversion of young men to old men strength). Due to his contact with the ever-positive Intervention, George now felt compelled to help any person in need of assistance without hesitation. He eventually found himself at odds with a twisted former student-turned-villain named Cynick, who lived his life by George’s old negative philosophy. They waged many a battle of wits and George would eventually go on to refute his previous philosophical assertions with his newly found belief in the power of helpfulness. Through published work and public heroics, George made a name for himself amongst the world’s growing number of Mega heroes as People everywhere would come to love and rely on that most obliging of heroes: Mr. Help Man!