Game Finger

Jaelin Rasputin was a homeless software programmer who spent most of her spare time playing massive multiplayer online RPGs on borrowed WiFi when she wasn’t assisting strangers with their personal computer problems. Separated from her family on a cruise vacation during a particularly unruly game of shuffleboard, Jaelin made a name for herself as a trusted freelance computer tech while living out of libraries, coffee shops, and fast food restaurants. She installed on her customers’ computers a friendly artificial intelligence named SALLI (Specially Augmented Life Learning Intelligence) to not only assist users in their everyday computing, but to also act as a helpful confidante who could give users advice on a variety of life issues, including clothing choices, meal preparation, interpersonal relations, and family matters.

Having developed the SALLI software to act as a sibling figure in her personal life, Jaelin hoped to eventually install the same program on computers across the globe. While SALLI was meant to help others, it was also meant to scour the internet in search of Jaelin’s missing family (who, unknown to her, had discovered the pleasures of island life on a completely remote archipelago they called Rasputina). As SALLI’s presence became more widespread, it attracted the attention of technology companies who sought to adapt her code for their own purposes. One evening, her system was hacked.

Desperate to protect her program and her customers, Jaelin broke into an empty internet café during an historical lightning storm. As she plugged the SALLI drive into her custom laptop, a bolt of lightning struck the café, destroying half the building and electrocuting Jaelin. During a near-death experience, she saw a pixelated vision of SALLI, angelic and ominous, and the artificial intelligence told her that her game wasn’t over yet. She awoke to find that her hands had been fused to the very hardware she had used to create SALLI. Trying to escape the burning café, she discovered that she could transform objects into pixelated versions of themselves and that she could project holographic energy blasts from her left index finger. Though never lethal, the blasts were visually impressive and made the coolest noises!

With her consciousness now melded with that of the SALLI program, she sought to fight what she deemed “techno humbuggery,” or the fleecing of innocent users at the hands of powerful corporations and sinister hackers – including the horrendous time-altering villain known only as The Reset. Jaelin’s heroic exploits became the stuff of internet legend and blogs all over the world sang her praises, referring to her as the techno vigilante GAME FINGER!