Father Bigfoot

Tur Grrt was a simple sasquatch who lived in an isolated portion of the Pacific Northwest. His community of cryptid primates had remained mostly hidden from humankind for centuries, except on rare occasions when they startled sleeping campers or played practical jokes on lost hikers. Tur’s sasquatch brethren worshipped at a strange holy shrine left at an abandoned campground: a TV/VCR combo and a backpack full of Bill Murray’s greatest hits.

Tur was awakened one evening by a meteor that crashed near his home in the woods. When he approached the space rock, a glowing cloud of sentient spores erupted from the stone and burrowed into his head. The alien spores used images from Tur’s memory to present themselves as the deity Bill Murray. The ultra-intelligent fungus imparted intergalactic wisdom upon Tur, though his walnut-sized brain could only handle small bursts of knowledge at a time. He returned to his people, providing words of inspiration by way of Bill Murray quotes and the disembodied visage of his alien companion.

Father Bigfoot warns of environmental consequences using the words of his god...
Tur set out to bridge the gap between human and sasquatch, thwarting any effort to exploit or destroy natural resources while connecting with humans who appreciated the environment. He found himself at odds with a rebellious mutant sasquatch that had nicknamed itself Chupacabra; this hairless beast tried to blend in with humans while secretly devouring livestock, wasting vast amounts of water, and creating a gargantuan carbon footprint. Tur eventually adopted a nickname for himself and pledged to help humanity and the world at large as the stoic hero Father Bigfoot.

This just in from Megaton City: furry vigilante Father Bigfoot confuses corrupt CEO with passionate mashup of monologues!