Crunchy Teeth

Chronic non-flosser, Charles Moulder had lost everything to his hard candy addiction. After being fired as a guidance counsellor for stealing sugary treats from student lockers he found some success as a clown with a semi-professional travelling circus. The false teeth he wore allowed him to hide his rapidly deteriorating teeth for a time, but when management discovered he was eating all the candy intended for the children in the audience he was fired again and stripped of his precious chompers.

Seeing no other choice, Charles took his life’s savings and remaining 7.5 teeth to an experimental dentist operating in the back corner of an alley. When the dentist of ill repute injected an untested compound into Charles’s gums, he felt the material expanding and growing, creating freakishly uncontrollable tooth matter that burst out of his mouth and protruded past his lips. The compound also gave him the superhuman ability to bite those massive teeth down through nearly any surface.

Charles felt a responsibility to use his newly mega mouth to fight dental misconduct across the globe. To maintain his extra toothy grin, he partnered with Dentist the Barbarian, a specialist in orthodontic technology and heavy lifting. The two also shared their passion for good oral hygiene with children through a series of school assemblies and instructional YouTube videos. Mouths around the world would be safer because of the tooth-forward hero, Crunchy Teeth!