Butter Blade

Jill Kato was a young culinary student quickly gaining respect for her disciplined approach in the kitchen. Jill drew inspiration from a long study and deep love of the Samurai, modeling her unique knife-slinging techniques after the teachings of Samurai sword masters. One day Jill was in the school kitchen practicing her knife flourishes when her mentor and head of the culinary school, Chef Kosmo bounded into the room unannounced. Jill’s razor-sharp knife removed the chef’s masterful chopping hand as easily as a butter knife through warm mayonnaise. Ashamed and devastated, Jill vowed never to touch a sharp blade again and took a job as head cake decorator at The Sugafat Pastry Palace down the street from her apartment.

Jill mastered the piping bag quickly and attracted great acclaim for the Sugafat Palace’s confectionary creations. Cake orders flooded the shop and Jill secluded herself in the kitchen with a vat of buttercream and broken dreams. Late one night, Chef Kosmo visited Jill to show her the innovative new prosthetic hand that used nanotechnology to restore his five finger functionality. While demonstrating his appendage, the Chef scooped a prosthetic finger full of frosting from the enormous mixer bowl. Buttercream penetrated the artificial epidermis, flooding the nanobots inside and causing them to malfunction. The hand took on a life of its own, pulling the chef headfirst into the buttercream abyss! Jill swiftly removed her mentor’s knife from it’s holster, dove into the vat, and once again removed the chef’s hand from its arm.

The thick frosting took on a life of its own as it merged with the malfunctioning nanobots from the prosthetic hand, thickening and fusing with Jill’s biological systems. With a sweet charge of energy, Jill pulled her mentor to safety and began to experiment with her newfound abilities.Manipulating the self-replicating nanobots (which she came to call “ButterBots”) allowed Jill to make decoys and devices out of an endless supply of biological buttercream. Her understanding of the Samurai allowed her to wield any manner of sword-like weaponry, though she maintained a preference for dull blades, normally using her custom bot-made Spatusword to remove herself from sticky situations. She eventually faced off with the very prosthetic hand she removed from Chef Kosmo – now an insane ButterBot villain known only as Butter Fist. In time she became a champion who specialized in serving just desserts to villains the world over. Like the frosted lettering on a celebratory cake, her name was remembered by all who feared evil: Butter Blade!