Bad Pastry Rising

Pompous, self-absorbed son of privilege, Ronald Stump inherited a mediocre snack food empire which he led with a special talent for making personal gains at the expense of customers, employees, and the world at large. The Muffin Mania brand was an early innovator in processed foods. Under Stump’s leadership the company was praised in the convenience food industry but reviled by healthy consumers for its questionable advances in the manufacturing of food-like consumables. Stump’s muffins contained mostly sugar combined with a nearly poisonous synthetic dairy protein called “Cheez.” The proprietary blend turned Stump’s customers into uncontrollable muffin addicts with the added benefit of draining them of energy and joy.

Aside from lavish displays of wealth and self-adoration, Stump found little satisfaction in daily life. His pursuit of power and profit left him few friends beyond the legions of muffin addicts, or Maniacs. Instead he focused his entire life on the pursuit of more. More money, more muffins, and especially more power. Consulting with experts in manipulation and ????, he discovered the way to more power was to speak directly to the masses. He needed a louder megaphone. POLITICS!
Muffinlomaniac Powers Card
The bakery magnate announced his political intentions by blowing up a giant Cheez muffin on national television, removing most of the other politicians from the campaign trail and leaving the muffin shrapnel mess, in his own words, “for the people.” The media enthusiastically covered his campaign, fulfilling Stump’s goal to reach a broader audience. But not all the attention was positive. The heightened exposure came to the attention of an ancient guild of NutritioNinjas who had throughout human history overseen the health and holistic satisfaction of humans.

The Council of NutritioNinjas sought to make Stump pay for the copious amounts of dissatisfaction he had caused, showing him the contents of the sacred Measuring Cup of Misery. It churned with Hate Batter, a sludge that contained the whole of humanity’s dissatisfaction. The cup had nearly reached capacity with the increase in unpleasantness emanating from Stump’s campaign message. Feeling no remorse, Stump began to drink the entire cup of hate-filled essence in a temper tantrum of defiance. The Hate Batter transformed him instantly, amplifying the very worst of his characteristics inside and out.

Stump returned to his campaign headquarters at Stump Steeple and continued his political campaign as a beastly villain. Meaner and less coherent than ever, he defied all odds to win the election shocking the world. No longer was he the greedy businessman who cared about only himself. Now, he was a greedy, Mega-powered world leader who cared about only himself. The world shook with fear as he began to rule the world as the one, the only, the big league Muffinlomaniac!

Humanity hoped a hero would rise to resist this insidious baker before he was able to rule the world as the one, the only, the big league Muffinlomaniac!