Alternative Rick

Indecisive musician Rick Druthers dreamed of creating the world’s most complex alternative rock album. For years, he scoured yard sales and antique stores to amass an eclectic collection of various instruments, which he kept on display in his loft apartment. Unable to settle on any particular musical style, Rick was able to play all of the instruments with moderate skill, though he never dared to call himself a musical virtuoso.

One afternoon, Rick discovered a mysterious new pawn shop that featured an immaculate collection of hunting supplies, home entertainment systems, and vintage video games. Rick stumbled upon a gorgeous mandolin that he couldn’t resist buying; as soon as he left the shop, the entire building disappeared before Rick’s eyes.

Rick returned to his apartment and discovered a piece of sheet music tucked into the instrument’s strings; a note below the music read, “To be played by The Cosmic Band.” He played the notes from the old piece of paper and was stunned when he suddenly felt a clarity of thought; the melody gave him increased mental power, allowing him to easily navigate potential choices and consequences. He soon discovered that he could influence the decisions of others by playing his magical mandolin.

Using this new ability to first navigate the music industry before creating his magnum opus of an alternative album, Rick eventually began helping other people face their personal challenges with a clearer sense of purpose and confidence while listening to his music. Rick also set out to find other members of this Cosmic Band, traveling the world as a one-man master of music and hero for hire – Alternative Rick!