L. David Hesler
– Artist & Writer –

L. David Hesler is a creative type who writes books and publishes original music when he isn’t drawing comics. He drinks too much coffee, stays up way too late, and watches far too many Youtube videos about Bigfoot. His favorite word is, “Cool.” He tends to listen to a lot of heavy metal while he writes and draws. For this reason, we fear for his gentle soul. A full list of his creative work can be found at

Adam MartensAdamMuffin
– Writer & Outreach –

Adam is a writer and over-analyzer of life experiences. In addition to helping artists build and engage audiences as a marketing and fundraising strategist, he writes a blog at about the existential ups and downs of becoming a parent on his own terms. Creating Megaton City News and the Be Mega Podcast with Luke (L. David) is the most fun he’s had since the last time the two created a parody newspaper. Other than making up stories and businesses, he enjoys listening to music, walking around the city, and hearing a good story from just about anybody.